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Susan Hughes, founder and creative force behind Modify Interiors is a NYC based Interior Designer best known for her keen sense of style and attention to detail. Her design style is a sophisticated warm modern that is always current yet remains timeless. She has emerged on the Interior Design scene as someone whose love of design and natural talent turned her passion for interior design into a thriving career.

Having been on the client side of the renovation process herself, she understands first-hand what is involved from the clients perspective and how important it is for the client to fully understand the process as there are many moving parts and it's not just about picking a paint color.

She believes the designer/client relationship is a collaborative process of building and layers creating something beautiful out of a blank space. The result...her clients are in a space that best represents who they are, enjoy being in and a place they call home. One of Susan's greatest strengths is the ability to think outside the box and create beautifully designed spaces regardless of size or budget.

A Native New Yorker born and raised she is constantly inspired by her surroundings and can think of no better place to get your daily dose of inspiration. While she’s grateful to receive praise from her clients, which is the ultimate validation of your work, she feels very fortunate to be able to do what she loves every day and that is simply to... Imagine. Plan. Create.